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sugar snap peas

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Score Super Bowl Food!

January 31, 2012 - 1:23pm
Brijet M







Score a touchdown with your football buddies by shopping the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market before the big game this Sunday. Those “lucky” enough to attend the Super Bowl this year will be bundled up in big coats, hats and mittens in Indianapolis with a high temperature predicted to be 38 degrees. We’ll be the real lucky ones here in sunny San Diego, enjoying the game in Tees and sandals!

Start with appetizers and snacks; grab a few baguettes from Belen Bread and a bottle of infused olive oil from Bistro Blends for dipping, snag some sweet dates from Morocco Gold Dates and fill your shopping bag with scarlet grapes from Smit Orchard. Forget the fried potato chips and heavy cream dips! Pick up some crunchy carrots, celery and sugar snap peas from J.R. Organics to dip in sprouted hummus from Majestic Garlic or pesto-flavored Bitchin’ Sauce. While you’re at the Bitchin’ booth, grab some extra tubs to spread on your pre-game sandwiches, grilled chicken or fish!

Paradise Valley Ranch has you covered for guacamole. Ask them for fresh limes and  3 or 4 avocados that were just picked and not quite ripe, stick them in a paper bag when you get home and they’ll be ready to mash by game day. Rodney Kawano Farm has your tomatoes, and Maciel farms can supply the cilantro and jalapenos to kick up your favorite guac recipe. We like this one with or without the bacon.

Not hosting the game this year? Grab a gift tin of Honey Cinnamon, Chipotle and Spicy Lime roasted almonds from Hopkins AG and a bouquet of gorgeous flowers from Maldonado Flowers for the host. You’ll be named Most Valuable Guest for sure!


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