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Holy Mole Epazote

July 25, 2011 - 7:08am
Carolyn K

Holy Mole Epazote!

Bored with the same old summertime gazpacho?  Why not add a new twist to your old favorite by adding Epazote (eh-pah-ZOE-teh) from Suzie's farm?  Despite its noxious gasoline like odor, Epazote's flavor is a cross between cilantro and dandelion greens. Traditionally it was added to black beans in Mexico because it aids in digestion and eliminates flatulence. However, it can be used to add a new and interesting flavor to some familiar dishes. 

When added to the usual gazpacho suspects, including heirloom tomatoes and green peppers from JR Organics, cucumbers from Valdivia Farms, Reed avocados from Ranchito Rainbow and limes from Paradise Valley, a sprig of Epazote will add some macho to your gazpacho (just check out this recipe)!

Mix fresh epazote leaves or the whole stem and leaves into beef stews, in quesadillas before adding the delicious goats Jack cheese from Springhill  or  chopped with fresh corn from Kawano farms.  Add it to your next mole and we think that you'll be shouting Holy Mole! 

Warning:  Use only the fresh leaves and stems in your recipes.  The dried herb is only suitable for medicinal teas.



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